Introducing the new Lacrosse Playground

Introducing the new Lacrosse Playground

Introducing the new Lacrosse Playground

Epoch is excited to announce our newest digital resource,  Founded in 2009 by Thomas Alford, Harry Alford and Adam O'Neill, Epoch's new media company Playground Sports is relaunching Lacrosse Playground and its collection of digital content to help support the growth of box, field and women’s lacrosse with an emphasis on covering current professional lacrosse players and spotlighting the future stars of the sport. represents today's lacrosse culture and way of life. We aim to support and grow the game by entertaining existing fans and inviting new ones into the lacrosse community.

In partnership with Pro Lacrosse Talk, one of the premier podcasts in lacrosse, will serve as your daily fix for news, analysis, commentary and editorial content.  In addition to gear reviews, health and wellness resources and breaking news, you can expect to find a behind-the-scenes look at today's best pro lacrosse players, leagues and teams.  We will explore the latest styles and trends and focus on the athletes who are pushing our game forward. 

Core Initiatives: 

  • Support the growth of the game – Box, Field and Women’s

  • Create a community to exchange ideas and share in conversation

  • Give athletes a voice and platform to express ideas, opinions and insights to the game

  • Increase fan involvement through sports gaming and fantasy lacrosse initiatives

  • Provide in-depth, transparent gear reviews on all the major lacrosse brands

  • Create a resource for health and wellness for today’s athletes

  • Support the lacrosse lifestyle and the diverse personalities in the game

The game of lacrosse is a mix of harmony, balance, speed, grace and athleticism with added creativity and a sense of style, making it one of the most captivating games on the planet. Even more impactful, is the close-knit community that the sport of lacrosse fosters. Visit and share in the experience of lacrosse.

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